This is the future home of HE'S NOT INSANE.

I hope to have it up and running soon. I'm working on it in spare time, so it will take a few weeks to finish...

The name comes from a piece by Firesign Theater. If you're my age, you may remember them. They were quite popular for a few years with a particular sub-culture (many members of which didn't seem to realize that it was they who were being made fun of).

They added many catch-phrases to the language of that sub-culture (such as "I think we're all bozos on this bus") that found their way onto countless dorm room walls and t-shirts in the late 60-s and early 70's.

One of those lines was "Vote for Papoon! He's NOT INSANE!"

I feel that way about Pres. Obama these days, and assorted other centrist Democrats. They may be a disappointment to actual liberals, but we will vote for them...

...because they are NOT INSANE!

So this site will be a sort of blog devoted to examples of INSANE from the political right, and related items. (If you want to feature examples of insane from the left, go build your own site.)

There will be comments, of course. Moderated, of course. (If you don't like that, go build your own site.)

Come back soon and I hope it will be up and running


The Developer